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What is DMCA and how to deal with intellectual property voilation

What is DMCA and how to deal with intellectual property voilation
Hey fellow creator,
Over the past week I've seen how several creators in Disney community faced up with a voilation of their intellectual property and they didn't  know how to act or where to go. Before to hire a lawer the are a few steps we can do ourselfs.


Here's a few helful resourses which I use dialy to protect my designs. I thought I would share them all in one place.


This is the most helpful gide about DMCA and how to deal with intellectual property infringement. This article is copyrighted by Claire Broadley for www.whoishostingthis.com


Key tips:

  • You don't have to register a copyright on your content for it to be protected. You can, and it may make it easier to prove it's yours if a violation becomes a nasty fight. But it's not mandatory.
  • Most companies provide email addresses for DMCA inquiries, so you can use the form generator from this guide and submit it by e-mail. 
  • Most market places, hosting companies, social networks, and content publishers offer a simple DMCA reporting process through their own online form.

How to find the e-mail to submit a DMCA report:

Find out who owns a website. Head to GoDaddy.com
Find Registrar Abuse Contact Email in search results.

Here's a few links I use daily:

I hate to see stolen designs and I know how frustrating it could be. It's literally happens every day and this absolutely has to be stopped. I hope that these links were helpful for someone.
The FMLY shop used designs from the third party creators in the past, but we've been only using our original designs and quotes since July 2020. Sometimes ideas float in the air, if you ever feel that we voilated your copyright, please contact us and we will take care about this.

The FMLY shop original quotes:
I Wonder If Mickey Misses Me Too
I Like To Think Disney Misses Me To
Pardon My Appearance I Ran a Small Business Through 2020

Please do not borrow, copy or alter out ideas. Be creative and be kind.


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