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Welcome to THE FMLY! We're so happy you're here! :)

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Hello, wonderful people! Thank you for stopping by our site! 😊

I’m Kate, the creative force behind THE FMLY. As a digital artist and graphic designer, I pour my heart and soul into creating unique designs that reflect our passion.

THE FMLY is a cozy and welcoming boutique, lovingly operated by a husband-and-wife duo. Located in the enchanting city of Orlando, we’re enthusiastic fans of theme parks and traveling, and our products are a reflection of our fun-loving lifestyle! 🎢🏖️

The themes we’re most passionate about include:

  • Theme Parks
  • Beach & Traveling
  • Holidays & Special occasions
  • Positivity & Motivation

At our store, we take pride in designing, printing, and shipping all our items in-house. 

Our mission is to infuse a bit of magic and good vibes into your life through our distinctive collection of clothing and accessories!

Customization and personalization are our jam, so if you see a design you like, feel free to reach out to us—even if you’re looking for a specific size, fit, or color.

We’ve carefully selected the best fits and fabrics for our designs, ensuring that you’ll love and wear our items for years to come.

Our inventory features a wide range of clothing items, including:

  • Tanks
  • Tees
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies

These items are available in sizes ranging from NB (Newborn) to 4X.

The fastest way to communicate with us is through Instagram, as I’m always on my phone. 

Feel free to explore our designs collection and find the perfect fit for you! 

And don’t worry, if there’s something you can’t find, we’re here to help!

We hope you have a good day! :)

xoxo, Kate

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